Afrika Kampos Strokes Cock

As a blog owner I get a lot of emails from program and pay-site owners asking me to check out their new website or new girl. Its not uncommon that I will get fifty a day. Unfortunately because I get so many very often a true gem like Afrika Kampos will slip through the cracks.

Afrika Kampos

It has nothing to do with her looks, the simple explanation is I didn’t have time to even open the email. The first time I did get a chance to open the email right away I noticed how hot Afrika Kampos really was. [Read more...]

Foxy Angel’s Xmas Present

We all know Santa caries a pouch full of surprises and Foxy Angel isn’t any different. If you’ve been a good boy this year Foxy may even let you unwrap her Christmas package early.

Foxy Angel

Truth be told Foxy Angel actually likes the naughty boys a little more so if you do find yourself on the naughty list, don’t work to hard to get off. You might just get the surprise she has for you. [Read more...]

TS Jenna Rachels Loves PVC

When I was preparing to add todays update of Jenna Rachels I had four people drop by my desk and ask me who this is. I told everyone Jenna Rachels is one of the hottest T-Girls around. To which most of them fell off their chair and didn’t believe me that she was a T-Girl.

Jenna Rachels

So I decided to change the picture I added so it would be very clear to all her potential fans she is a smoking hot transsexual ready for action. [Read more...]

Cassia Carvalho Gets Naughty

I’m actually kind of surprised I’ve never had Cassia Carvalho on before. I run a number of transsexual and she male blogs and I think I’ve featured her on all the rest multiple times.

Cassia Carvalho

She is smoking hot and has a huge cock what more could you possibly want from your tranny porn. In her most recent set, Cassia Carvalho lets her young friend suck her off and after he gets her motor going Cassia fucks his ass uncovered. [Read more...]